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GPL is a problem

first post: MatHobbs wrote: GPL being a 'strong copyleft' license could be a problem if Skynet ...

latest post: jamesashley wrote: As you can see, the insidiousness of Skynet doesn't end with just t...

Please help!!!

first post: T1000 wrote: James, I downloaded and installed the code and nothing seemed t...

latest post: John_Connor wrote: I don't know. Skynet could have taken over CSM's account and be im...

I cant find a release, but I'll be back

first post: werD420 wrote: I would also like to recommend a friend named Miles Bennett Dyson f...

latest post: jamesashley wrote: We are aware of Mr. Dyson's activities, and are closely monitoring ...

Release Party

first post: John_Connor wrote: When does Skynet go live?

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